Licensing Questions: ERC Interview for International Engineer

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ERC Interview?

Reader: I am an internationally trained civil engineer. I submitted my application for P. Eng.. After they have reviewed my academic background the Academic Requirements Committee (ARC) assigned me to a confirmatory program in CE. I will then be given an option to attend an interview with the Experience Requirement Committee (ERC) so that they can assess if my engineering experience can be taken into consideration towards waiving the examination program. Does anyone has any suggestions or examples of their preparation for the ERC interview?

Gavin: There are a few things to consider for when developing work samples for your PEO ERC Interview.

Your two work samples should be the best representation of your ability to apply engineering principles and knowledge. You can bring things like drawings, reports, calculations, etc. The samples must be your own work. Try to showcase your most technical work and something that would be the closest to professional level work. You should know the samples in and out and be expected to answer questions about them–not only about your specific project but about variations. For example, what would you do if you had to do your design with a different material? Or in a different climate? Or using a different construction/fabrication method?

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