This blog was initially created simply as a way to document my licensing process with the PEO, more for self-motivational purposes than anything else. However, it turned out that other potential licensees found it useful, so the site remains live for that reason. However, my license was granted back in late 2015. The licensing process for PEO (or any other jurisdiction that may be similar) is ever-evolving and I do not keep the content up-to-date. This means that any information found on this site, although accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing, is not guaranteed to be correct at present.

For current licensing information, you should consult the licensing body in your jurisdiction (e.g. PEO in Ontario). For accurate, up-to-date help with any stage of the licensing process, I recommend Gavin Simone and PracticePPEExams.ca. Pengapplicant.ca receives a commission from PracticePPEExams.ca from any sales resulting from a referral.