It’s official: I’m a P. Eng!

The wait is over. A package from the PEO arrived in the mail last week informing me that my application for a license had been reviewed and accepted. Happy days!

Exagerration? Maybe.

To be honest, the emotion that I felt at this time was mostly relief. Not because I was nervous about the application, but because the readers of this blog, who use the information they find here to help them during their application, can now place more trust in what they read . The main determinant of your success as an applicant will be your experience, education, and performance on the PPE, but this blog can help you write up your experience and study for the PPE in a way that we now know is at an acceptable standard for the PEO.

How long did it take?

Getting my P. Eng. from start to finish was a long process, but even longer than usual because I deferred writing the PPE on two occasions. However, here is some useful information if you have submitted your experience record already:

  • April 11: Wrote PPE
  • June 19: Notified of passing of PPE
  • June 22: Submitted updated Experience Record and list of references
  • August 21: Notified of successful application

So from writing the PPE to receiving notification of my successful application took 19 weeks.

What’s next?

Along with notification of the success of your application. You receive an information package and a whopping bill for your registration ($531 after tax!). You can pay the bill online through the PEO website and, a few business days later, you will appear in the PEO online directory. At that point, you can officially put the title P. Eng after your name.

Good luck to all current and future applicants!