After licensing: your career path with a P.Eng

The first two posts on this blog were  musings into why someone would want to become a licensed professional engineer. Why go through the cost and effort? Is it worth it?

For someone in a field where the P.Eng. license is practically a pre-requisite to success (e.g. ones where top positions require an engineering seal), the answers are obvious.

One of our readers, Hank, gave a more philosophical answer:

One reason for me that you didn’t list as motivation is that it’s a culmination of one’s education in a profession.

I have a brother who is an accountant, a CA and he shamed me into obtaining a PEng. He said to me “I don’t know much about engineering but if someone doesn’t bother with the designation, why did they bother with the rest of it?”
Up to that point, I had been taking it easy with respect to professionalism. I’ve found that taking the steps to obtain the PEng has helped me to grow up a bit.

I’m always curious as to why someone who otherwise qualifies for their PEng has not bothered obtaining it. I do ask when I interview people and they better have a good answer

For others in fields such as software and computers, the license is much less pervasive and generally perceived in the industry as “nice-to-have”.

For me, it’s been almost 4 years since I asked the question of “why” and 2 years since I obtained my license. To be honest, it’s still difficult for me to say what direct impacts the P.Eng. license has had on my career. Surely, being able to put those 4 letters after my name (and on my LinkedIn profile) have made a good impression on some people. However, in the type of work as I do (which spans from software development to entrepreneurship), I still have yet been asked about my license or had a need to use my seal. That said, it’s been only 2 years and my career is still relatively young, so the jury is out.

Career Webinars with P.Eng. and HR Experts

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