Environmental Engineering Example Experience Record

This is a guest-post from a P. Eng. (licensed in 2016) working in Environmental Engineering. What follows is their (anonymized) experience record, as submitted to PEO.

Position #1

Start Date(Co-op during school)
End Date(8 months later)
CompanyA Environmental Consulting Company
PositionEnvironmental Co-op Student
Supervisor(CEO of company, a P. Eng.)
(Mailing address)
License: 123456789
P. Eng reference (colleague)(A former colleague, who was a P. Eng.)
(Mailing address)
License: 12345789 (PEO)

Work Experience

Prepared Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Participated in field investigations including: water quality assessments, groundwater level monitoring, and soil and groundwater quality investigations (Phase II ESAs)

Coordinated and/or executed specific tasks involved with various environmental projects at a junior level, including environmental due diligence and contaminated site related projects.

2.2.1 Application of Theory

Developed sampling plans, documented conducted data management, analysis and interpretation of results from samples.  Completed phase I environmental assessments by gathering geological, groundwater, historical site, etc. data and writing reports.

 2.2.2 Practical Experience

Work was project based with timelines and due dates. Clients expected results in on time and meeting expectations as set out in our contract. Knowledge of groundwater, soil and surface water quality limits were required.

2.2.3 Management of Engineering

Often multiple projects were going on at once and time management and planning were essential. Time billed must be consistent with project budgets, for example completing environmental assessments I had to budget time for data collection (trips to library, site, etc.) as well as actually writing the report.

2.2.4 Communication Skills

Written environmental assessments were the primary method of communication at this job role. Conclusions were discussed with clients and any questions were answered.

 2.2.5 Social Implications of Engineering

Environmental assessments allowed land to be sold/purchased etc. Required for bank loans and site purchases.  Water sampling and soil provided information on groundwater and contamination at industrial or railway sites to provide scope for remediation opportunities and ensure public safety.

Position #2

Start DateGraduate School Start Date
End Date1 year later (allowed to count up to a year of grad school)
PositionGraduate Student
Supervisor & Reference(Professor, a P. Eng.)
(Mailing address)
License: 123456789

Work Experience

Full characterization of a contaminated site (hydrogeology, stratigraphy, etc.) Bench-scale analyses were conducted in the lab to assess the potential for in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) using an oxidant to treat contaminants of concern.

2.2.1 Application of Theory

Performed slug tests, characterized site geology using boreholes, installed a groundwater transect, completed sampling to determine contaminant mass flux

Designed bench-scale experiments using columns to evaluate potential for oxidant to treat contaminants of concern.

 2.2.2 Practical Experience

Work was completed with engineering firm. Timelines and scheduling was required in the lab and at the site. Worked with contractors, drillers and geologists at the site.

2.2.3 Management of Engineering

Data collection, and statistical analyses on groundwater samples, soil samples and to interpret results from sampling and lab analyses.

2.2.4 Communication Skills

Completed thesis on results of the project and lab experiments. Presented at conferences (hydrocarbon summit and IAH conference) as well as completed a thesis defence.

 2.2.5 Social Implications of Engineering

Evaluating novel and effective treatment methods for soil and groundwater remediation can be essential for the health and safety of a community

Position #3

Start DateAfter graduation
End DateCouple years later
CompanyManufacturing Facility
PositionEnvironmental Coordinator
Supervisor & Reference(Direct Supervisor, a P. Eng.)

(Mailing address)
License: 123456789

Work Experience

Co-ordinate site visits and contact by MOE representatives, etc. (escort, report recommendations, coordinate follow-up). Facilitate PCB program.

Facilitate on site remediation efforts.

  • spills/environmental impact incidents
  • property loss and/or business interruption

Maintain current knowledge of local, provincial and federal legislation.

Formulate and maintain local emergency procedures as they relate to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

Lead and drive efforts to maintain ISO 14001 Registration.

Facilitate and administer EMS team.

Coordinate all external reporting requirements including NPRI, STAC, DSL, C of A’s, Reg. 127, Toxic Reduction

Liaise with Ministry of Environment Energy.

Liaise with Corporate Environmental Groups.

2.2.1 Application of Theory

Support plant operations by collaborating with production engineers and provide environmental advice on many projects. Air emission calculations, stack and fan speed adjustment calculations, chemical usage and tracking calculations. Example: installation of combined heat and power; Working on moving to more water-based vs solvent based coatings.

 2.2.2 Practical Experience

Develops all the required documentation, operational checks and reports to be compliant with ISO 14001 standards, including corrective and preventive measures.

Prepares waste management plan for all operation activities (Exploration and Production phase) and completes reports. Audits waste disposal facilities to ensure that waste disposal process compliant with regulation and company procedure – investigates alternate waste management opportunities. Example: moving to more incineration (energy from waste) opportunities, researching more recycle opportunities.

Management of ISO14001 program – continual environmental improvement through waste reduction projects, chemical usage reduction, air emission control, etc. Example: reusing waste water in the plant to reduce waste.

Ex. Track environmental performance, quantify based on VOC emissions, waste, water usage, etc. and ensure continual improvement.

Conducts internal ISO14001 audits at other facilities.

2.2.3 Management of Engineering

Manages environmental contractors for storm water testing, well water testing, remediation efforts, environmental assessments, etc. ex. Hire contractor to conduct testings, determine reasons for exceedances, conduct remediation and/or other options to ensure compliance.

2.2.4 Communication Skills

Presents environmental results (waste numbers, water usage numbers, emissions, etc) to management team quarterly. Develops and presents training for contractors and new employees on spill procedures, and health and safety expectations.

 2.2.5 Social Implications of Engineering

Reporting completed for government compliance. Public health and environmental well -being always considered. Continuous environmental improvement is a goal of the company.


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