I passed the PPE!

Warning: this post is 10% informative and 90% bragging. I just got the letter in the mail that I passed the PPE! It reads:

Dear <pengapplicant>:

I am pleased to inform you that you passed the Professional Practice Examination written at the April 04, 2015 sitting.

Music to my ears! So much so, that I’ll ignore the fact that they got the exam date wrong (it was April 11, 2015). As expected, since the PPE is simply a pass/fail exam, there is no indication of how I performed on the exam, other than knowing I earned a mark above 50% on both parts A and B.

Me after finding out I passed the PPE

The letter goes on to instruct me to submit 3 documents by e-mail, which essentially amount to:

  • an updated experience record (updated from my initial submission)
  • a list of references
  • a summary page listing jobs, employers, and dates.

The letter stresses that this is not like re-submitting the application (no application form should be completed, no application fee need be paid).

I can now also sleep more soundly, knowing that my previous post on studying for the PPE, which included the “No-Cost PPE Study Guide”, actually leads to the results people are looking for.

Congratulations to everyone that passed the PPE and good luck to all future PPE writers!


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